For Investors’ Circle, September was a month where the rubber met the impact investing road. It began with Beyond the Pitch: San Francisco, where we heard pitches and engaged with thirteen best-in-class companies as well as our colleagues. These entrepreneurs are tackling tough issues in innovative ways—from a juicery that combats food waste by using misfit juices and vegetables that are the wrong shape, size, or color to be sold to retailers; to a road-mounted clean energy harvesting system that generates electricity from the motion of vehicles in high-traffic areas; and a LinkedIn platform for the linked out. It’s clear the impact is wide.

We engaged in gender-lens investing. Nine of the thirteen pitching companies at the Beyond the Pitch event were woman-led, and over 45% of investors in the room were female. Speaking at the Angel Capital Association’s Celebrating Women Angels event in Boston, Executive Director Bonny Moellenbrock highlighted IC’s track record

of strong female investor participation and its role in addressing the capital gap for women-led enterprises. We look forward to building on this leadership, as well as incorporating gender lens perspectives beyond the female head count, in the year to come.

Investors’ Circle then participated in SOCAP, the leading conference on the intersection of money and meaning. Over thirty members attended, and over a dozen sessions had IC network speakers or moderators. Bonny participated in the “From Local to Global” kickoff plenary, speaking about “Collaborative Capital for Early Stage Innovation.” The session highlighted #FundedbyIC company Wash Cycle Laundry, and how it secured appropriate financial capital, utilized an impactful human capital strategy, and relied on its social capital – institutional customers and networks, including IC - to support its growth. The session concluded with a preview announcement of a significant gift to IC from The Hitachi Foundation, which will enable IC to provide better collaborative capital tools for both entrepreneurs and investors. Stay tuned for the exciting full announcement of The Hitachi Foundation’s legacy Good Companies, Good Jobs strategy on October 17.

Other SOCAP main stage speakers were Dave Kirkpatrick of SJF Ventures and Morgan Simon of Pi Investments on the opening plenary, “The How and Why of Social Capital Markets;” Cathy Clark on “Navigating Impact Investing;” and Bonny, Julia Sze and Tasha Seitz on “Direct Deals;” IC member speaker topics also included gender-lens investing, deal terms, structured exits, investing in sustainable agriculture and more. Members shared their expertise, informed the industry, and inspired others to join in this important work. IC also hosted a breakfast discussion about global health impact investing, highlighting our work with the SEAD partnership and recent white paper, and the team met with entrepreneurs and partners.

If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out! Continue to stay engaged by sharing news on the next virtual member meeting, attending a local network meeting or referring any interesting entrepreneurs that you’ve met recently.

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