Entrepreneurs should be able to provide information on the following:

• Product/technology/service: What is it, and how it it unique? Share your sustainable competitive advantage as well as any intellectual property protections or barriers to entry. What is your revenue model?

• Market and growth opportunities: What is your target market, and how big is it? Who is the end user? Who makes the purchase decision? What differentiates you from competitors? Provide a clear explanation of growth potential.

• Management and execution: Provide any relevant sector experience and track record of execution. Is your Board of Directors or Advisory Board established? What experience or network do they offer? How does your management team work together, and do you have complimentary skill sets?

• Financials and exit strategy: Share your business progress to date including any milestones and historical financials. Provide credible financial projections and assumptions. Share your capital needs and how you plan to use the funds. End with a clear exit strategy.