Angela Campbell was looking for a solution to a problem that many social entrepreneurs face: how to find relevant investors in an efficient manner. Campbell is the founder and CEO of Agora for Good, a platform that helps people with their charitable giving.

Using Enable Impact’s online impact investor database, Campbell self-selected criteria to narrow down a list of over 1000 investors to a handful of relevant and interested investors.

Investors’ Circle, the world’s largest impact investing network, was one of those matches. Campbell messaged Andrew Cousins at Investors’ Circle through the online platform.

“With their easy to use tools and great investor network, Enable Impact helped Agora for Good quickly find and connect with Investors’ Circle, and in turn, this led to a successful funding round,” says Campbell.

Cousins is also supportive. He remarks,

“We’re pleased this collaboration resulted in Agora for Good receiving investment from our network. We look forward to connecting with more entrepreneurs through Enable Impact’s online portal to engage them in IC’s in-person pitch events.”

After pitching at an IC Local Network meeting in New York in April, Campbell was invited to pitch at Investors’ Circle’s national Beyond the Pitch event in Denver. From there, the company received $250,000 in investments to close their round. The funding will enable Agora for Good to continue to further develop their technology and scale the organization. Campbell has since raised additional funding.

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