Investors’ Circle (IC) is pleased to announce a $250,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) program. The funding will support the Colorado Seed-Stage Impact Fund (“IC CO Fund”) initiative, which will evaluate the feasibility of a Colorado-focused fund that leverages the infrastructure of IC’s existing series of pooled funds. IC is one of 35 recipients selected from over 215 applicants.

Though Colorado has a vibrant entrepreneurial and investor ecosystem, there remains a significant seed-stage capital gap. According to CB Insights, private capital investment in Colorado companies reached a five-year peak in 2013, but seed-stage companies received only 3% of that funding.

“This seed fund will catalyze additional funding to address the early-stage capital gap and help fill the pipeline of quality growing companies that are creating real social impact in Colorado,"

says Jim Davidson, IC Board Chair. “Investors’ Circle is committed to impact investing efforts in the state, and we’re excited to build upon on existing relationships to activate capital and support local entrepreneurs.”

“I value the role Investors’ Circle plays in the Colorado early-stage investment ecosystem and national impact investment industry. IC is a trusted source for quality deals for investors as well as capital and support for entrepreneurs. I’m excited about the value that this fund will offer to the Colorado startup and impact investing community,” adds IC member, Praful Shah. Investors’ Circle anticipates this fund may be instrumental in activating seed-stage capital beyond Colorado.

“If successful, we can apply this model to additional markets around the country,”

says IC’s Executive Director, Bonny Moellenbrock. “We are grateful for the opportunity to increase the flow of capital to innovative entrepreneurs that are addressing social or environmental challenges and growing their local economies.”

Visit to learn more about IC and its work in Colorado and beyond and to learn more about the Regional Innovation Strategies program.