What am I driven by—impact, financial return, compelling entrepreneurs, cutting-edge innovation? What financial returns do I believe to be feasible? What capital do I have to deploy and how? How do I want to participate as an investor?

These are the questions that we grappled with at our recent Global Health Learning Lab in Denver. Investors’ Circle (IC) knows that it’s critical to develop more tools and more sophisticated approaches to activating capital, and through local network development and our SEAD global health investment partnership with Duke and USAID, we have gained significant insights on these needs. As such, at the Learning Lab, we were able to test some new tools, including an investor alignment toolkit created by the IC Global Health Advisory Board. This toolkit helps jump-start cross-cultural co-investor relationships, and as the workshop group engaged with the tool, it became readily apparent that the approach held equal value for our local networks, and all of our members, regardless of their focus.

The tool and its exercises required participants to articulate their investment motivations, priorities, constraints and goals. The intent was to use these conversations to get to know fellow investors better, identify complementary approaches and skills, and accelerate trust-building. The group found learning about each other quite helpful, but perhaps just as valuable was what they learned about themselves. They realized that defining their own investor identity was a critical component of becoming confident, active investors.

As our network has begun to discuss these topics in a deliberate way, we want to bring you into the conversation. Are you interested in clarifying your own investor identity and getting to know your fellow investors? Stay tuned for opportunities for members to use the toolkit in new member cohorts, at local network meetings, and beyond! Let us know here if you’d like to be notified with the toolkit is live. In the meantime, Alexandra LaForge will be using the toolkit when she leads a session on Collaborative Impact Investing at the Angel Capital Association Summit in San Francisco – let her know if you’ll be there!